A Vibrant Ecosystem in Crypto Nation Switzerland   

The term Crypto Valley has gained currency in recent years, describing a region in Switzerland attractive to international blockchain companies. It has become the global hot-spot and forerunner of a technological and entrepreneurial revolution.

Due to its stability, its openness and appeal to multinational corporations and financial service providers, Switzerland and Crypto Valley have been seen by global blockchain companies as the ideal base for operations following Bitcoin’s launch of the cryptocurrency movement in 2009. Ethereum then laid the first building blocks for today’s flourishing blockchain ecosystem when operations out of Zug were launched in 2013.

Since then hundreds of crypto projects have set up operations in Crypto Valley. Today over 600 blockchain-related companies are domiciled in Switzerland.

Lakeside Partners, the founder of CV VC, has screened over 1,000 projects over the past 18 months, many of them conducting their ICO thereafter. The partnership has been investing in the ecosystem through the launch of a range of different projects:

  • Advisory
  • CV Labs
  • CV Competition
  • CV Summit
  • CV Maps


The Advisory-Team covers all essential areas leading to powerful tokenized business models. Projects benefit from the skills, expertise, and experience of Lakeside Partners’ advisory team.

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CV Labs

is a unique co-working space located in Zug supporting crypto companies to grow successfully by providing everything they need.

CV Labs is also the home base for startup companies participating in the incubation program of CV VC. Regular meetups and events are organized in the Crypto Café.

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CV Competition

offers blockchain startups the opportunity to win a cash prize of $100K as well as access to industry executives, coaching and free office space in the CV Labs in Zug. 

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CV Summit

brings together innovative startups, industry experts and investors, as well as corporates experimenting with distributed ledger technology. The multi-industry themed event, which takes place twice a year, is the largest and most important gathering of the community in Crypto Valley.

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CV Maps

is the first directory and guidance plan through the fast-growing Crypto Valley blockchain ecosystem. The constantly updated database includes over 600 companies.

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