CV Labs Incubator: Frequently Asked Questions

What does CV Labs do?

At CV Labs we love entrepreneurs. Together, we grow and enhance the global crypto ecosystem by fostering public understanding, technology and entrepreneurs. We will do that by promoting, developing and investing in the global crypto ecosystem via the CV Labs incubation program, our unique blockchain hub in the heart of Crypto Valley, various event series such as the CV Summit and the CV Competition, as well as our own CV VC Advisory business.

What distinguishes the CV Labs incubator from other programs?

The CV Labs incubation program is a hands-on program where blockchain startups participate in workshops centered on interactive and task related activities. At the same time, entrepreneurs will have time to proactively work on relevant issues to their specific project, whilst benefiting from mentors and situational advice. The entire network and knowledge of Crypto Valley is at their disposal and they highly encouraged to take advantage of these resources whether in structured meetings or casual conversations at the many events and meetups.

How do startups benefit from the program?

CV VC invests up to $125K in founders and offers them a complimentary highly valuable three-month program at the heart of the Crypto Valley in exchange for equity and token. The startups learn from the most successful and visionary entrepreneurs, advisors and mentors in the blockchain universe.

What does the CV Labs incubator charge?

10% in equity.

How does CV VC select the startups for the incubation program?

CV Labs uses a multitiered selection process for participants. Critical is that you are building a solution that benefits from blockchain technology, with an attractive vision and individuals to match.

Where can startups apply for the incubation program?

To register please apply on F6S.

What is the Crypto Valley ecosystem around Zug?

Crypto Valley is an area in Switzerland and Liechtenstein centered around the blockchain cluster in Zug with over 600 companies. It has a formidable role in the worldwide development of crypto and blockchain with many major companies founding and launching in the Crypto Valley. More info:

Who are the mentors and teachers?

Each startup team will work closely with one or two mentors. Special guests and experts will join the program for specific inputs. Amongst them are: Nicole Anderson (Redsand), Mona El Isa (Melonport), Stephan Karpischek (Etherisk), Lukas Betschart (Bitcoin Association Switzerland) and Guenther Dobrauz (Lawyer, VC Investor).

See the list of mentors

Will Inacta AG be integrated in CV VC and the incubation program?

The IT consulting and blockchain technology specialist inacta, founded by two of the founding partners of CV VC and CV Labs, remains an independent company but will closely cooperate as a strategic technology partner with CV VC and the CV Labs incubation program.